2018 was marked by some really innovative transportation trends from electric scooters to electric hoverboards and many more. The advances in the existing transportation technologies during 2018 were also quite notable. Now that 2019 is here, hopes are getting even higher, and everyone is eager to learn about what is yet to come. Self-driving automobiles, smart cars, high-speed rail networks, and advances in public transportation technologies are to name a few. But with this, there is the need for upgrading regulations and standards too.

Let’s take a look at the transportation trends you need to keep an eye on in 2019.

Federal Policy for Connected Vehicles and Self-Driving Automobiles

The federal government is always concerned with the safety issues when it comes to connected vehicles. But too many regulations and restrictions that keep changing with the state or locality, are also not acceptable by the market and can be a nuisance to the users too. Therefore, it is expected that there will be a standardized federal policy that will affect communication technology and government regulations for connected vehicles.

We all are aware that 2018 was the year for electric scooters and hoverboards, and with the emergence of these, there came laws and regulations. There are different law requirements when it comes to electric scooters in different states. You might wanna go through this article by Wheels Compared if you are to buy an electric scooter otherwise you’ll end up buying one that won’t comply with your state rules and regulations. Do give it a read.

Now with 2019, there is quite a buzz about self-driving or autonomous automobiles, but after the accident that happened when Uber was testing for its autonomous mobiles has raised the need for regulations. But one can not go on different states and municipalities each having its own different set of rules and regulations. Therefore, some standardized policies that will operate uniformly anywhere in the world are to come.

Last Mile Solutions and the Need to Catch Up

During 2018, we saw quite a rise in the first and last mile solutions. There has been an emergence of electric scooter share companies, Lime and Bird are the giants to name a few accompanied by the increased placement of bike shares and the introduction of hoverboards. New policies for cyclists, hoverboarders, scooter riders, and pedestrians are to be formulated.

Moreover, instead of the users using multiple apps and paying through various procedures can conveniently do all through a single municipal app where they will be getting all the options to commute from one point to another. This will require public-private partnerships that are already in the process, so there is much to expect.

Innovative Public Transportation and Public-Private Partnerships

The traditional public transportation is often regarded as overstuffed with passengers and unsafe too. But, governments are now taking initiatives by partnering with private companies to bring out solutions and change public transportation altogether. Some countries like Abu Dhabi, Dubai and London have started testing innovative transportation technologies in the form of personalized transportation pods in some of their areas. This is, of course not possible without public-private partnerships and without public transportation being funded by private corporations. The time is not far when these emerging transportation technologies will be operational nationwide.

Bottom Line

Transportation trends keep changing and get modified with time so, it is better if you keep track of such trends. This will not only keep you updated about the laws and regulations so that you don’t have to get into any legal complications, but this will also make you aware about all the latest technologies that are to come into the market.