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Our Mission

Women are constantly getting ripped off at auto shops. It’s an intimidating experience that often leaves us feeling insecure and unsure of what we’ve paid for.

Women Auto Know is a FREE membership-based site that takes the fear out of auto repair. A community that posts reviews ranking auto repair shops trustworthiness, cleanliness, and other female-friendly attributes, WAK has turned the auto industry on its head.

Through education, community feedback, and peer to peer support, Women Auto Know, partnering with local auto shops across the nation, provides women everywhere with the confidence they need to save time, money and increase their automobiles’ performance.

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Sign up and create a custom profile for you and your vehicle. Find a PPA in your area. If there are none, and you know of a good one LET US KNOW! If you refer a shop that signs up, you will both receive a $50 thank you from us! Not to mention, you’ll get an official member of the Drivers Auto Know / Women Auto Know bumper sticker for your vehicle!

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Pledged Auto Shops and PPA (Person to Person) Advisors are influencers and leaders in the auto industry and their community, trained and committed to providing the best education and marketing tools to reach and connect with their local drivers, to sustain and grow their local business while making our roads a safer place.

Empower Women

Women empowering other women to have a choice by becoming safe, confident and knowledgeable drivers, passengers and consumers, encouraged by PPA and Pledged Auto Shops who agree with the Women Auto Know / Drivers Auto Know Mission, Vision & Philosophy.


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Audra Fordin
My name is Audra Fordin and I have the distinct pleasure of owning Great Bear Auto Repair and Auto Body Repair Shop in Flushing, NY. I have been in the automotive industry for the past 27 years (yes that is most of my life) Car repair can be scary for everyone – but it doesn’t have to be anymore!!! I have no doubt I can effectively educate and empower other women about their cars and put the control back in the driver’s hands. Yes, Auto Repair CAN Feel This Good!

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Women Auto Know Mission Statement: Mission statement
Provide automotive education and resources that empower women of all ages to be safe confident and knowledgeable consumer passengers and drivers.

A rming and empower women of all ages with automotive insight so that they can be safe, knowledgeable drivers, passengers and consumers.

T ransforming the relationship women have with their local auto repair shops, mechanics and their cars.

T uning up the female voice in the auto repair industry

A ligning women with shops and mechanics who have taken the WAK pledge.

C reating an automotive environment that embraces women.

K icking stigma’s ass surrounding women and their cars forever!

Membership is FREE for Women!




What Is Women Auto Know

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WAK Workshops

WAK brings workshops to the entire country through live streaming webinars and YouTube Video workshops. Audra also holds live workshops in person at her shop. Workshop topics and schedules requests should be sent to

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