Hello, fall! It’s so nice of nature to give us a free show. The changing leaves are so beautiful, but they can cause problems on the road. You’ll find out why in #7. If you want to stay safe this season, watch out for these seven fall road hazards you auto know.

1. Busy traffic

Driving to work in summer isn’t so bad, because you don’t have to compete with school traffic.

That’s no longer true! You’ll be competing with a whole bunch of school buses and parents dropping their kids off at school (not to mention much lower speed limits in certain places).

Want to save some stress? Start waking up ten minutes early. Hopefully you’ll get to work before the roads get super crowded. If nothing else, you’ll save yourself from being tardy!

2. School buses

I know it’s annoying to get stuck behind a school bus when you’re running late…

But that doesn’t give you an excuse to drive like an idiot. If that little red stop sign comes out, hit the brakes. Follow my suggestion in #1 to prevent this situation.

Easy enough, right?

3. Small children

If a family lives close enough, their kids might walk or ride their bikes to school. That’s okay! Exercise is good for you.

Be careful in residential neighborhoods, especially if you’re driving at morning or afternoon. Children aren’t known to obey traffic laws.

You never know when a kid might cross the road, whether or not there’s an actual crosswalk. Be ready to slam the brakes at anytime. And put down your phone, because you won’t notice unless you’re paying attention!

4. Dim or dead headlights and taillights

Darkness will arrive earlier and earlier. In most areas, you can expect it to be dark by 6 PM.

This is a problem when your headlights and taillights need to be replaced. Let’s check them!

Walk away from your computer (I’ll wait). Go outside. Turn on your headlights and blinkers. Ask a friend, child, or partner to put pressure on the brake pedal.

Go behind your vehicle and make sure all of those lights are shining bright. If not, get to an auto shop ASAP. Traffic accidents are MUCH more likely when people can’t see you!

5. Being blinded by the fog

“How can I be blinded by the fog? That doesn’t make any sense…”

I wasn’t being literal. Let’s say you’re driving on a dark and foggy morning. Do you instinctively turn on your brights? If so, you’re making a huge mistake!

Using your brights is a good idea when it’s dark outside (and you’re not blinding other drivers). It can’t help you in the fog though. In fact, the beams will just bounce back into your eyes!

It’s better to use your low beams in this situation. If it’s extremely difficult to see, slow down and stay in the right lane so other drivers can pass you. You’ll be out of the fog soon. Really!

6. Deer

Live in a big city? If so, this might not be a problem. Deer seem like exotic creatures to you!

Small town folks don’t get as excited about deer. They’re all over the place, especially in fall! Why? Fall is mating season (hopefully I don’t need to explain how this creates more deer…).

Follow the speed limit and keep your eyes on the road. If a deer crosses the street, you won’t have long to react. Slam the brakes in seconds or you might kill Bambi (and get stuck with an expensive auto body repair). That’s not my idea of fun!

7. Falling leaves

Everyone loves watching the leaves change colors. It’s so beautiful. Thanks, Mother Nature!

Beautiful or not, falling leaves can create problems on the road. Leaves can hide pot-holes, cause your tires to slide, or get stuck on your windshield.

Brace yourself for these possibilities so you can react fast. Share this article with your friends so they can be aware of these fall road hazards, too.

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