Buying a car is one of the best and worst things about life. How can it be a combination of both? I’ll explain. Here are three reasons why buying a new car is simultaneously awful and awesome.

+1. You’ll be so enthusiastic (and everyone will notice).

Only one thing can rival new baby photos and engagement announcements in the Facebook feed. It’s called the new car status post. “Holy crap you guys and gals! I finally got a new ride…”

I bet you’ve seen this several times. You scroll past a photo of your ecstatic friend, posed next to a shiny car. If they’re a social person, the “like” count might cross the three digit mark. Impressive!

And that doesn’t even count the compliments you’ll receive from family, friends, and co-workers. Your new ride will be the talk-of-the-office for at least a week. All the attention feels nice, right? Sure it does. Enjoy it!

-1. You’ll probably have to spend four or five figures.

Cars aren’t cheap. Don’t make an emotional decision. It doesn’t matter how fast and easy it is to get a loan. You’ll have to pay it back eventually… with interest! So, consider the downside before you invest.

The excitement of buying a new car will soon pass. The compliments and positive attention are nice at first. But these things never last. Eventually, your fancy car will become the new normal in people’s minds.

You’ll follow suit. The car that used to feel like a new beginning will become your everyday existence. You can’t start over every morning, new car or not. Welcome to reality! That’s not “bad.” But it can be a bummer when you think a possession will make you happier than it does.

+2. Your life will feel more interesting for a little bit.

You’ve been driving the same car for close to a decade. At this point, it might be feeling stale. There’s nothing new to notice. All the excitement is gone.

Replacing an old car is like adding color to a black-and-white photograph. It spices things up. Your daily commute — which used to seem dull — becomes more exciting all of a sudden.

How long will the excitement last? It’s impossible to say. It could be a week, month, or year. Regardless of how long you feel that new car “spark,” enjoy it while it lasts. It’s a nice feeling!

-2. Your finances might feel tighter for a long while.

Cars are the second most expensive thing most people ever buy. Whether you pay upfront or get a loan, expect your finances to take a hit.

If you add a new loan payment of $200-500 to your budget, you’ll have less disposable income. You might have to cut spending on food, clothes, drinks, vacations, and other stuff for a while.

The lower your monthly expenses, the less stressful this process will be. Make sure to cut your costs as much as possible before buying a car. Your future self will definitely thank you later. Promise!

+3. There’s nothing more comforting than seeing a “0” on a car’s odometer.

Buying a car with 20,000-100,000 miles on the odometer can be stressful. You might wonder what the car has been through in so many miles.

Did they take good care of it? Has it been maintained correctly? Are there any engine problems that could present themselves later? It’s hard to know for sure.

If you’re buying a used car, it’s smart to let a mechanic check it out first. Schedule a test drive and appointment at your auto shop on the same day. You’ll feel better after it’s inspected.

-3. There’s nothing more unsettling than driving around in a spotless new car.

Buying a car with 0 miles on the odometer can be stressful, too. The car is completely spotless. Its paint job is perfection personified. You don’t want to ruin the beauty of your new ride.

Your paranoia might cause you to drive like a granny at first. That’s okay. Just stay in the right lane and let everybody else fly by you on the left. Rejoin the normal flow of traffic after you calm down.

Have you ever experienced any of these feelings (for better or worse)? If so, share this blog with your friends on social media. I bet it will be a great conversation starter!

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