Motor oil is a great topic.  Its by far the most common fluid people talk about and “maintain” but don’t why they care so much about it.

The engine is the heart of your car and the oil is the blood. Without your heart, the blood’s not pumping.  With out motor oil, the engines not pumping. Your engine is made of metal and lots of metal parts put together with precision and they are constantly moving.

Motor oil (engine oil) serves as a lubricant, to keep these parts from touching each other.

As you can imagine, metal parts constantly moving would generate excessive heat and friction.  The heat would expand the metal parts would warp and dig into each other. This would cause engine failure.  By having that thin lubricant in between the moving metal parts, prevents friction and keeps the engine parts cool. Eventually, after constant use, it has a break down point.  That’s when you change the oil and put in new, clean oil.  Check your scheduled maintenance to see when yours need to be changed.

Keeping it clean will keep it cool. Keeping the engine cool will protect it from friction.  Preventing friction, protects the engine from heat damage.  No damage, keeps more money in your pocket. That’s what you AUTO know.

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