Any business that doesn’t make a profit could have to close its doors.

That harsh truth causes some businesses to put money before the well-being of others.

Those businesses would be better off if they educated and empowered their customers.

Being an educated consumer prepares you to make smart choices.  And before you ask, yes – education can benefit the bottom-line. Here’s how.

1. Educating women will make them less resistant to necessary repairs.

Auto repair shouldn’t be viewed any differently than rent or groceries. It is a basic life necessity that every responsible adult should be prepared to afford.

The problem? The auto industry is losing credibility. Most people have heard a story or been ripped off by mechanics in the past. They can’t tell the difference between a con and a necessary repair.

The solution? Educate your customers. Smart drivers are willing to pay for services that keep them safe. Take her outside and show her the car part that needs to be replaced or repaired. Describe how this service will benefit the customer in her own language.

2. You can make the sale without seeming pushy or annoying.

People do not like to be sold. It’s not fun to try to convince people they need something they don’t want. Desperation is not an attractive quality. If you’re too pushy, customers will get annoyed and take their business elsewhere.

If you educate your customers, they will become empowered. They don’t need to be talked into a purchase. It’s a foregone conclusion. The professional who did that educating is now empowered too. And you earned yourself a customer.

3. Earn loyal customers. Educating women is empowering.

You’re not selling anymore. You’re building relationships.

Do you think it would be easier to earn one customer who buys ten different services, or earn ten different customers who buy one service each? The first choice sounds a lot better to me!

Aggressive techniques might get a single sale, but they probably won’t result in repeat business or referral. It’s best to educate and empower customers so you can earn their trust. If you do that, they will come back over and over again. If you don’t believe me, ask Sid Syms.

4. Customers will tell their friends about you (hint: women talk!).

Word of mouth is the best friend of any business. If you keep your female customers happy, they will send you referrals. If you take advantage of women, they will warn people to stay away. Encourage your customers to leave a review at We’re all about women empowering other women to have a choice by sharing their auto shop experience.

5. It’s the right thing to do.

There is a growing disconnect between drivers and the shops that serve them. If the auto industry has any hope of surviving, we need to improve its perception. Are you in? Click here to join us today.

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