This blog goes out to our fan from Chicago, Myrna.  Thanks Myrna.  She submitted some great tips, which we’ll post below along with some of our own.  If you have any cool tricks you know about – definitely  pass them along, too.  Here are some great winter car care tips for those of us that don’t have cover or garages in which to park our cars.

In the event of heavy snow and ice, it is right thing to do to use the snow brush to brush off the snow.  Try not to use the plastic scraper, as it can scratch your glass and paint.    Try to always leave with enough time to heat your car and melt the ice on your windows.   In lots of states, you can be fined for not cleaning off your cars – whether the ice or snow goes flying off or not.

To save and energy, cover the hood and windshield with plastic bags, this will prevent scratching the paint, or breaking the glass, and much easier removal. There are tons of great products on the market, too, which make this really easy, like the product to the left, which doubles as a windshield sun protectant in the summer time.

Doors and locks can freeze shut, here are some tips and tricks to get you moving on those cold, winter days.

Although it’s always best to use preventive measures like lubricating your door seals and locks with Pam, WD-40, or vaseline regularly throughout the winter.  Since most frozen locks are from frozen condensation, using deicer inside the lock will help keep the condensation from freezing.  You can purchase deicer at most gas stations, automotive, and hardware stores during the winter months.

If your locks freeze, here are some great options.  By heating your key, by carefully using a match or lighter while the key is in the tumbler, you can direct the heat into the lock, and warm it faster.  This is only a good idea if you have a solid metal key, not one with a plastic handle which can melt.  If you have a toilet paper tube or a straw handy, you can place either over the lock and warm it with your breath or hair dryer.

Lastly, if your power windows freeze shut, the best thing to do is wait until your car interior warms up.  It should melt the ice that’s freezing the window to the weather strip.  If not, use a credit card or comb to separate and break up the ice bits along the way.

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