See Audra On the “Rachael Ray Show”

Audra Fordin, founder of Women Auto Know and owner of Great Bear Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop, will be featured on Monday’s March 2nd, 2015 edition of the Emmy-award winning “Rachael Ray Show.” This episode will reveal some surprising questions that viewers should be asking the experts – doctors, butchers, mechanics, and more – they choose to trust.

Audra will share some essential questions that drivers should be asking their mechanics. Cars don’t get sick for no reason. A breakdown is usually a result of neglect. Thus, Audra will encourage viewers to own the situation by teaching them how to care for their vehicles in a way that will improve personal safety and prevent expensive repairs.

“I’m so happy Rachael invited me to participate,” Audra said. “My whole life purpose is to help women feel more comfortable in auto shops. I’m thankful for every opportunity to share that message.” She is in the process of completing her first Kindle book, which will help women overcome auto anxiety and become confident drivers.

Tune in to the Rachael Ray Show on March 2nd. Click here to find out when it airs in your area.

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