By Queens Courier Staff |

Name: Audra Fordin

Company: Great Bear Auto Repair & Auto Body Shop

Title: Owner

1. What do you love about your job and why?

Audra Fordin is fourth generation, and the first female owner/operator of her family’s automotive business. Her early years were spent working at the shop with her dad. Being in the same location since 1933, a strong bond has been built with the Queens community.
“Quality of life is enjoying what you do and I think work is fun,” she said. Lucky for her, playing with the cars as a child turned into a passion. With more than 26 years experience in the automotive field, she has great knowledge of cars and enjoys sharing her information with others. “I feel great when I empower others about the car, eliminate fear associated with bringing the car in for service and reduce the anxiety commonly associated with auto repair and auto maintenance.”
This philosophy was passed down through her family’s business practice, one which has kept the family traditions of business and the Fordin family atmosphere alive for more than 75 years.

2. What are your business goals over the next five years?

There is power in numbers! My goal for the next five years is to gain followers, have an audience and share the message “Women AUTO Know!” Empowering and educating all drivers about auto repair and their safety is my mission.

3. How do you give back to the community?

Fordin teaches a free class for women called “What women AUTO know.” This clinic gives confidence, knowledge and understanding of the vehicle. She also teaches basic “do-it-yourself” auto repair, like changing wiper blades and jump starting a car. The money raised is matched by Fordin and used to repair the cars of working moms who cannot afford auto repair.