Good Girl Scouts are PREPARED!

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Girl Scout Logo on Green Background


I’m a Girl Scout in more ways than one. Not only have I been a troop leader, I’ve also been recognized by the Girl Scouts of America for my work with women. For more than 4 years, I’ve been providing workshops to women – teaching hundreds of people how to change a tire, fix a tail light and flush their fluids. Like a good Girl Scout, I want all of my customers to BE PREPARED!

Our WAK workshops focus on basic automotive education and introduce women to their cars in a female friendly, and un-intimidating environment. When they leave, the women are more comfortable with their cars and aren’t afraid to do basic service. Most importantly, they aren’t afraid to bring their cars into the shop. Our workshops teach women how to ask for Service not Sales and to ask mechanics to Show and Tell everything they do to their cars. With WAK workshops and willing women, we are slowly bridging the gap between consumers and auto repair shops.