Auto Repair Educator Goes National With “You Auto Know” Message to Women

Flushing, New York – March X 2013– Audra Fordin and reporter Birmania Rios, the New York correspondent for the Spanish TV show “Despierta América” transmitted by Univision, popped open up the hood to demystify the auto repair experience in a hands-on “women auto know” workshop at Great Bear Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop, Audra’s auto repair shop in Queens NY.

Despierta America (Wake-Up America), the #1 TV morning show serving Hispanic America, is the fastest growing morning show in the nation. It has become a must-stop for stars looking to reach growing Hispanic audiences, with appearances from celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg (Broken City), Jason Statham (Parker), Analeigh Tipton (Warm Bodies), Edgar Ramirez (Zero Dark Thirty) and our own Audra Fordin (Women Auto Know).


Audra Fordin, 4th generation Owner/Operator and President of Great Bear Auto Repair and Body Shop is the founder of “Women Auto Know”. She is an educator and mentor who thrives on empowering women through educational workshops, educating drivers about their vehicles and instilling solid relationships with respected auto mechanics. Through the Women Auto Know website Audra has made these programs available throughout the country.


Desperita America highlighted the organization’s membership and training programs all geared towards benefiting the relationships between drivers and auto shops. Audra is always happy to share her message and is available for speaking engagements both regionally and nationally.


“Empowering women and all drivers is empowering to me” said Audra after finishing the shoot. “Being in this position to diminish the gap between auto shops and consumers is a win on a personal level and a win for the automotive industry as a whole. Though targeted towards women, men engage and find my approach very informative as well. A big thank you to Despierta America and their team for sharing the ease of auto maintenance with their audience.”


The Women Auto Know show airs on Dispierta America between 7:00 am – 11:00 am DATE?


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Founded in 2009 by Audra Fordin, Women Auto Know provides automotive education and resources that empower drivers of all ages with a primary focus on women to be safe, confident, and knowledgeable consumers, passengers, and drivers. Audra is a fourth generation owner of the Great Bear franchise. Her great grandfather founded Great Bear in 1933 and developed it into one of America’s leading automotive franchises in the country. Today, Audra is a regionally and nationally recognized advocate for empowering women and educating consumers in the automotive repair industry. To find out more about Audra and her work go to


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