Did you know that the evolution of electric cars began more than 100 years ago? And this is not the last surprising fact that may be interesting. Read this article to find out more about the electric and hybrid car’s evolution.

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The electric vehicles’ evolution potential is now higher than ever before. Traditional automakers invest heavily in evolutionary cars. And Tesla has built a whole business on battery-powered cars. Right now, we can observe the evolution of the process of the electric car in action.

How It All Began

The electric vehicle creation history has more than a hundred years. It is surprising, but first prototypes of modern electric vehicles’ creators had high hopes for evolution of this technology because this motor was invented much earlier than the internal combustion engine. Moreover, despite the rather indifferent attitude to the environment more than 100 years ago, even then engineers clearly understood that electricity is much cleaner energy and, in many ways, more productive than fossil fuels. People were aware of why are electric cars good for the environment.

1832 – The First Stage of Evolution

In Aberdeen, Scottish inventor Robert Anderson creates an electric vehicle prototype that was brought to life in the small carriage format with an evolutionary motor. This was the first example of how do electric cars work. Over the next 70 years, the evolution of electric car technology continues.

1913 -The First Stage of Evolution

This year can be considered historical, but not the most positive milestone in the electric car revolution. This year, Henry Ford launches a new assembly line for mass Ford T production created by him. This leads to the fact that gasoline cars are becoming two or even three times more affordable than green vehicles, which manufacturers, in turn, have nothing to offer in response to Ford’s success. This was the first prerequisite and answer to the question of why are electric cars so expensive. Even at this moment, technology evolution has not led to the fact that electric vehicles have become available to most population categories. However, we can certainly see positive evolutions further.

Evolution Continues

In the 70s of the 20th century, the fuel crisis began in the world, caused by the leading world’s countries’ political conflicts. Fuel prices began to rise. In the 90s, a regular state restriction wave and regulations concerning emissions of fuel engines once again prompted automakers to development and green car evolution. In 1990, the world’s largest automobile corporation, General Motors, introduced its conceptual electric car, GM Impact. This model’s demonstration that has become a kind of signal that green vehicles are returning to the interests of major players in this automotive market. However, at this stage, this electric car evolution did not receive rapid development.

2000 – Significant Evolutionary Changes

This year was significant in these green vehicles’ evolution due to hybrid technology inventions. For that first time, it was implemented in this model of Toyota Prius, which in the shortest possible time has become incredibly popular around the whole world. This model was successful thanks to this answer to this question of what that difference between hybrid and electric cars is. On hybrid cars, there is an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. This car was created to save fuel. According to various calculations, hybrids consume 15-50% less fuel than cars exclusively on gasoline and diesel.

At the Forefront of the New Wave of Evolution – Tesla

In 2003, ambitious plans to resurrect the green car market and continue this evolution was announced by a private automaker from California – Tesla Motors, among the main founders of which is talented entrepreneur Elon Musk. That first company’s presentation is devoted to Tesla Roadster a sport’s electric vehicle model. These first customers received their Tesla Roadster by 2008.

The Best Invention During the Evolution

By 2010, the US market received the first low-cost electric cars from Nissan – Leaf model, capable of traveling a modest distance of about 150 kilometers on a single charge but cost much less than only Tesla roadster — about $ 30,000. Today, this model is the best-selling electric car in the world and this best evolution’s result of green car technology in terms of cost and efficiency. Now electric cars’ evolution continues.


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