Hello, warm weather! It’s so nice to see you. Summer is my favorite time of year, because I love to travel with my family. This is a great season, but it presents some unique driving challenges. Watch out for these seven summer road hazards to maximize your safety.

1. Children

School’s out for summer! As a result, expect to see a lot more kids playing outside. If you’re driving in a neighborhood, slow down and keep your eyes open. You never know when a kid might chase a ball that rolls into the road. Giving yourself an extra minute to reach your destination could save a life. Isn’t it worth the time investment? I think so!

2. Bicyclists

It’s irritating to get stuck behind a cyclist who’s traveling 10 MPH when the speed limit is 50+. but please don’t be reckless. They have as much right to the road as you do. Give bicycles and motorcycles plenty of space. Your car has an interior to protect you from harm in a wreck. They don’t have the same luxury. Even a low speed accident could cause serious damage.

3. Overheating

High temperatures can easily make your engine overheat. Resist the urge to keep driving, because you might cause your engine to have a heart attack. As soon as your temperature gauge reaches “H,” pull over. Give your engine a few minutes to cool down and pop open your hood. Check your coolant. Is it empty? If so, there’s your problem. Fill it up or get a tow.

Note: Coolant doesn’t usually “run out” unless you have a leak, so you should definitely go to an auto shop ASAP (unless you want to break down again tomorrow).

4. Construction

In some areas, it seems like there’s always road construction. This can become annoying when it’s a constant thing. Annoying or not, construction is for the greater good. Your city will end up with smoother, wider lanes that improve the quality of your commute. Slow down and change lanes when you see construction workers. They’re doing a valuable job and deserve to feel safe!

5. Teen drivers

No offense to any teen drivers who might be reading this blog… but statistics show teenagers are involved in more traffic accidents than any other age group. That shouldn’t be shocking. Logically, it makes sense that the most inexperienced drivers would make the most mistakes. It’s always smart to be aware of your surroundings, but it’s especially important in summer since there will be more teens on the road.

6. Tire blowouts

The hotter the pavement, the more stress is placed on your tires. To understand this concept, imagine how different it feels to exercise outside in fall vs. summer. In fall, you might not break a sweat or run out of breath for a few minutes. In summer, you’ll be huffing and puffing within a matter of seconds. Check your tire tread and pressure once a month (and before any long trips) to make sure they’re sturdy and properly inflated.

7. Drowsy driving

This is always a problem, but it’s especially prevalent in summer. Most drivers feel pressured to reach their destination as soon as humanly possible. This often results in marathon driving sessions that drag into the early morning hours. If you’ve got two or three drivers taking turns, you’ll probably be fine – but expecting one driver to do all the work isn’t safe. Falling asleep for even a second could have disastrous consequences (and it’s hard to detect threats when you’re completely exhausted). Pull over for a nap when your eyes get too heavy to continue.  

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