Traveling is fun, but fuel costs add up fast. If you drive a lot, you better drive smart. You’ll save money, boost safety, and improve fuel efficiency. Here are six simple ways to save money on gas.

Obey Traffic Laws

The speed limit is there for a reason. Your fuel economy takes a nose-dive when you drive faster than 55-65 MPH. This might not be possible in big cities where the flow of traffic is super fast, but do your best to stay in that range. You’ll also decrease your emissions, protecting the environment.

Cut Your Warm Up in Half

Baby, it’s cold outside. Go ahead and warm your car up on snowy days, but don’t get carried away. An idling engine gets zero miles per gallon. If you start your engine and let it idle while you eat breakfast, you’re wasting a lot of gas. Most auto experts suggest limiting warm-ups to two minutes or less.

Check the Gas Cap

Does it seem like you have to fuel up more than usual? Check the condition of your gas cap. If it’s loose or damaged, gas could be escaping your fuel tank. Stop your vehicle in a safe place. Make sure your cap is as tight as it can be. Check for dents, cracks, and other imperfections. Find a problem? Call a mechanic.

Calm Down

Do your passengers ever act scared or anxious? If so, you might be an aggressive driver. Aggressive driving can lower your fuel economy by 33 percent on the highway. Drive at a smooth pace to improve your safety and gas mileage. Don’t slam your gas pedal. Accelerate gently when you pass a slow vehicle or merge into traffic.

Activate Cruise Control

Taking a road trip? Get familiar with cruise control. It’s easier to maintain a consistent speed with this feature active. If you ever take a holiday in Europe, you could rent a luxury car with cruise control. Be aware of your surroundings. If you’re on a busy road and need to change lanes, disable cruise control until you have breathing room.

Drive with Purpose

Got a bunch of errands? Don’t do them separately. Combine them strategically so you can do everything in one trip. Going somewhere new? Use your GPS, buy a map, or print out directions. There’s nothing less productive than driving around in circles! If you follow these tips, I’m confident you’ll save money on gas. How should you spend it? That’s 100% up to you.

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