Have you ever gone on a cross-country trip with a friend who refuses to stop? It’s so annoying. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not a fan of stopping every hour — but there’s such a thing as “too far!” Stuck in a car with a totally relentless driver? Suggest one of these quirky roadside attractions. Maybe you’ll convince them to pull over. #3 is worth the scenic detour… trust me on this one!

1. Unclaimed Baggage Center (Scottsboro, Alabama)

Have you ever wondered what happens to baggage that gets left behind at the airport? A lot of it ends up at the Unclaimed Baggage Center. If you need some clothes, jewelry, or electronics, make a pit-stop in Alabama. You might get a bargain on somebody’s lost luggage. Win!

2. General Sherman Tree (Three Rivers, California)

General Sherman is the world’s largest tree. It’s truly a thing that must be seen to be believed. The tree is 52,000 feet tall. It weighs more than four million pounds. If you snap a photo with your smartphone, good luck squeezing the whole tree into the frame!

3. World’s Biggest Beagle/Dog Bark Park Inn (Cottonwood, Idaho)

The world’s biggest beagle and Dog Bark Park Inn are the same thing. If you’re driving through, simply swing by and look at the dog. It’s huge! If you’re staying in the area, why not get a room? Guests are welcome to sleep inside the dog’s belly (seriously).

4. UFO Watchtower (Saguache County, Colorado)

Finding alien-themed attractions in the southwest is easy. It’s nice to see some extraterrestrial offerings in other parts of the country! You can visit the UFO Watchtower for a reasonable fee of $2. If you see any flying saucers in the sky, send me a photo.

5. World’s Largest Light-bulb (Edison, New Jersey)

This city is the home of Thomas Edison’s greatest invention. So, it seems appropriate for Edision to feature a 134-foot tower that’s crowned with a 13-foot light-bulb. That’s bigger than two extremely tall people! Impressive…

6. Cushing Brain Collection (New Haven, Connecticut)

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what a diseased, tumor-ridden brain looks like?” Probably not. Regardless, you can answer that question for yourself at Yale’s Cushing Center. Maybe you’ll leave with some extra motivation to prioritize your own mental health…

7. The Lost Sea Adventure (Sweetwater, Tennessee)

First, you’ll received a guided tour of caves that are a hundred feet underground. Next, you’ll board a boat with a glass bottom, where you’ll be treated to some of the most interesting rock formations you’ll ever see. Note: bring a change of clothes, because you might get dirty!

8. Gold Pyramid House (Wadsworth, Illinois)

This home is a combination of ancient pyramids and modern architecture. Gold covers the six-story, 17,000 square foot home. For extra fancy points, there’s even a moat surrounding it. The Gold Pyramid House is open to the public for tours, private events, and group meetings.

9. Jell-o Gallery and Museum (Le Roy, New York)

Ah, Jell-o. Everyone’s favorite cheap low-calorie treat. If you’ve ever spent more than a day in a hospital, you know a lot about Jell-o. Visit the Jell-o Gallery and Museum on your next trip to NY. You’ll learn the answers to compelling questions such as, “Who tested Jell-o for brain-waves?” Maybe they’ll even give you a free sample of your favorite color.

Are any of your friends taking a road trip soon? If so, share these quirky roadside attractions on social media. Maybe you’ll inspire them to take a pit-stop (no matter how impatient they are).

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