It seems cliche that so many people have the same resolution. Whether it be health, fitness, weight loss, or a financial resolution; there’s a common thread here. People are resolving to take better care of themselves. Your car is an extension of yourself, so why not include it? Here are five New Year resolutions for drivers that you should aspire to.

1. Wash your car every 1-4 weeks.

Even if you don’t care what other people think of you, washing your car is still a smart thing to do. A clean car will be easier to sell than a dirty one. This isn’t rocket science. The more attractive your vehicle is, the more likely people will buy it. (Hey, this might help your financial resolution!)

Appearance matters. This is why it’s good to wash your face in the morning. If you show up to an important meeting with crusty eyes, people might assume you don’t take good care of yourself.  

We represent who we are in every way; therefore, If you see a car with rust eating through the fenders and faded, peeling paint… what will be your first impression?

“They must not take good care of it!”

This makes sense in theory. Putting it into practice is the hard part. If you a schedule-oriented person, add a monthly car-wash* to your planner. Never miss your appointment!

*How often should you wash your car? There’s isn’t a final answer for everybody. It depends on factors like climate, road conditions, and how far/often you drive. Common sense is your friend! 😉

2. Wax your car every three months

Your paint job might have looked outstanding when you drove off the lot, but it won’t stay that way without care.

Just like our faces exposed to the elements needs moisturizer and sunblock, our vehicles go through a lot of stress when they are exposed to the elements.

Rain, snow, and especially the sun’s rays take a toll on your exterior. From a vanity perspective, keeping your car looking good will increase your resale value.

Waxing your car creates a “shine” that looks nice and preserves your car’s natural luster. It’s good to get a wax 3-4 times per year. Wanna make it easy to remember? Wax your car at the start of every season.

Disclaimer: Automatic car washes that include a wax are acceptable.  For better results, invest in a quality wax and do it yourself. Consider it part of your fitness resolution. 😉

3. Wake up 15-20 minutes early

This might seem like a strange thing to mention. “What does being an early bird have to do with cars?” Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with cars in general… but it has everything to do with how you operate cars. Let’s compare and contrast two different situations.

Imagine scenario A: It’s 7:40am. Your workday starts in twenty minutes. You skip breakfast, rush through a shower, run to the car, and drive like a maniac so you can be there on time.

Visualize scenario B: You wake up early. You feel calm, because there’s no good reason to hurry. You eat a yummy breakfast, take a leisurely shower, walk to the car, and drive like a sane person.

Which morning sounds less stressful? I vote for scenario B! Waking up early also improves your safety. Traffic accidents are less likely when you follow the speed limit and other traffic laws. (Red means stop now, not “whenever it is convenient!”)

4. Break the “texting and driving” habit

We all know texting and driving isn’t smart, but it’s still a tough habit to break.

Social media plays a huge role, too. Studies show you receive a hit of dopamine (the happiness hormone) whenever someone likes your status updates. Every human is hungry for connection. That’s what drives us to share stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc.

Nonetheless, it’s good to limit smartphone use at certain times so you can appreciate the moment: cruises, movies, first dates, nature hikes, bachelorette parties, and family dinners come to mind. Let’s add driving to that list (unless you like taking dumb risks), because it requires total focus.

Want to break the texting and driving habit but don’t know how to start? I wrote a blog about that

5. Get familiar with your owner’s manual.

You need to read the owner’s manual for your vehicle (OMV). It’s a sacred text for your make and model. Trust me on this one!

Sure: it is dry reading material; but that’s okay, because there’s no need to read every single word. Check out the table-of-contents and only read the parts that are most relevant.

For now, check out the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle to learn about your car’s needs. Following those guidelines could add many years to your vehicle’s life.  

Flip through the rest of your OMV on a rainy day. You might learn about a cool feature you didn’t even know you had. Snap a selfie of yourself reading the OMV and post it on our Facebook page! You might encourage other women to follow your example. 🙂

6. Take an auto awareness workshop

Women Auto Know is proud to offer FREE auto awareness workshops at Great Bear Auto Repair and Body Shop in Flushing, NY. Workshops are available every Saturday morning. Local? Visit our site, callus, and ask how to schedule an appointment! 

Auto awareness workshops are like a life skills class for drivers. You’ll learn in-depth information about how to care for your car — such as interpreting dashboard lights, checking fluids, and etc. — from a female mechanic (that’s me!) who you can relate to.

Not local? Bummer! On the bright-side, we’ve got tons of valuable content about cars in the blog. We’re also scheduling workshops in other states of the U.S.. If you’d like to host or sponsor a WAK workshop, send a quick message to with the subject, “Workshops.”

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