Driving is a big part of your life. This is especially true for people who spend an hour or more inside their car every day. Of course, it depends on where you live, but 25 minutes is the national average. Note: If you’re curious, click here to learn the average commute in your city. Want to make your long commute seem more fun and interesting? Here are six sneaky ways to achieve that.

1. Make a playlist to get you psyched for the day.

The entertainment you consume has a direct influence on how you feel. If you listen to sad or angry music on the way to work, you can expect to show up in a sour mood.

Instead, make a playlist of positive and upbeat music. This won’t make you happy in itself, but it will get your head in the right place. Feel free to change up the playlist as often as you like!

2. Listen to something that makes you laugh or think.

Music isn’t your only option. You could listen to a fascinating TED talk (you brainiac, you!) or hilarious stand-up comedy (hint: memorize the best jokes and tell them to your co-workers!).

There’s nothing wrong with listening to the radio, but it can get stale after awhile. Changing up your routine – even in a small and insignificant way – can breathe new life into your workday.

3. Got a speech or presentation coming soon? Practice!

Some people are doers. They want to maximize their time so they can be as productive as humanly possible. Does that sound familiar? If so, this tip was written for you…

Rehearse any important speeches or presentations during your commute. You might stumble through it awkwardly a few times, but the final result will be more polished. (You’re welcome!)

4. Learn a new language like you’ve always wanted to.

Everyone says they want to learn a new language, but very few people make the time to do it. So why not teach yourself French, German, Latin, Spanish, Klingon, (or whatever) in the car?

You could buy an audio CD (they’re cheap) or download audio files from a program such as Rosetta Stone. Practice during every commute and you’ll know a second language in no time!

5. Get all the work-related worries out of your system.

The worst part about work is that it doesn’t necessarily stop when you leave the office. Sometimes you’re so stressed that you can’t stop worrying about work-related stuff at home.

Here’s a trick. Tell yourself: “I’m only allowed to think about work until my commute is done… and then I can’t think about it again until tomorrow!” It won’t be easy at first. Have patience. With practice, you’ll teach yourself to disconnect. Your work/life balance will thank you later!

6. Don’t forget to pay attention to what you’re doing…

Let’s not forget a highly important fact. When you’re driving a car, your #1 concern should be – you guessed it – driving! Don’t get so distracted by something else that your focus waivers.

If you want to listen to music (or any audio), get it started before you back out of the driveway. If you’re practicing a speech or foreign language and identify a threat, stop what you’re doing and concentrate 100% on the road.

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