We have all heard the stories about unsafe cars. Cars with accelerators that stick, gas tanks that explode on impact, or vehicles that are much more likely to roll over in the event of a crash. Some cars have design flaws that make them unsafe, such as the gull-wing doors on the DeLorean or the Corvair, which had a rear engine that sent toxic fumes into the car.

As technology advanced, the auto industry stepped up its game. Now we have vehicles with seat-belts, airbags, and impeccable safety ratings. Still, there are unsafe cars with critical flaws on the market. Before buying a new or used car, you should be aware of its safety record and biggest potential hazards. Educate yourself before purchasing a car, so you can feel confident about your family’s safety.

Auto Accidents Due to Safety Recalls

When a safety problem is discovered within a modern vehicle, the auto manufacturer has a legal obligation to notify vehicle owners. Safety recalls have become commonplace. If a driver gets hurt in a traffic accident involving a recalled vehicle, they (or their family) might be entitled to compensation.

If there is a safety flaw uncovered in a vehicle, the manufacturer is required to follow several steps, including filing a public report that details:

  • Flaws or defects
  • Dangers involved
  • The recall schedule
  • Processes planned for correcting defects
  • Why there is a recall, including specific incidents with this particular kind of vehicle
  • How vehicle owners will be notified of the potential problems and what they need to do

A recent recall involved Toyota and Lexus vehicles with accelerators that would jam and cause the vehicle to speed out of control. This problem resulted in several accidents that caused deaths, severe injuries, and extensive property damage.

Despite innovation and technological growth, there are still cars being made today with bad safety ratings. Here are some of the least safe cars of 2015:

The Audi A4’s Dashboard Collapses


The Audi A4 put the car company on the map as a competitor to luxury car makers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. While it has a luxurious interior and smooth engine, it earned a poor rating for its small overlap front crash tests. Those tests simulate the front corner of the vehicle hitting things like trees or another car. Crash tests show that the dashboard will collapse back on the legs and feet of a driver. Ouch… not fun!

Jeep Wrangler: No Doors, Big Problem


A popular off-road vehicle, the Jeep Wrangler has an old-school simplicity that’s loved by many, but it’s also risky. The removable doors on this model don’t offer side crash protection due to their modularity, earning this car poor side crash protection ratings. It also had marginal results in the front small overlap, head restraint, and seat tests.

The Hyundai Accent Is an Under-Achiever


The Hyundai Accent is a popular entry-level subcompact, a class of car that doesn’t get all the best bells and whistles. It lacks a major trait that some of its classmates have: crash safety. The vehicle scored poorly on the small overlap front test and earned an average rating for the side impact test. If you’re looking for a subcompact car, there are definitely better options from brands like Scion or even Mini.

The Lincoln MKS Sets Itself Apart, In a Bad Way


The Lincoln MKS is a sleek and stylish vehicle, but it is the only car in its class to receive a poor rating on the small overlap front test. While Lincoln is trying to make a comeback, this safety rating is embarrassing. Seven other large luxury models earned “Top Safety Pick” status. Why settle for less when you can get a safer car for a similar price?

The Nissan Quest: Prybar Not Included


While Nissan has some top selling vehicles on the market, the Quest’s safety record doesn’t match its style. Quest’s small overlap front test results were described as “one of the worst.” The engineers had to completely remove the driver’s seat and pry the crash dummy loose, because it was stuck between the steering wheel and floor after a 40-mile per hour crash test. Eek! I wouldn’t feel comfortable in this car. Would you?

While none of these cars are defective, they fall far below other vehicles that have higher safety ratings. This is why they’re considered one of the least safe cars. Before choosing a vehicle, check the crash test results and scores so you can choose the right vehicle for your family.

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