Women should pay special attention to their cars. Cars, like any other expensive object, need proper maintenance to run and function well. One of the best ways to achieve this is to wash them regularly. Keeping a clean car free from dirt and deterioration can quickly boost its resale value. Here are five compelling reasons why women should wash their cars more often.

A Clean Car Says Something About You

A clean car says everything about your personality and reveals traits about who you are. Several studies indicate that personality traits such as creativity and generosity are revealed in how neat or tidy your desk is (Vohs et al, University of Minnesota). When your car is looking spiffy and fresh, you not only enhance your personality, but also project a well-organized and positive image.

A Clean Car Is Good for Your Health

Keeping your vehicle clean and dirt-free is good for your health. Science can prove it! A study by the University of Indiana discovered that people who live in messy homes are less healthy than those who reside in organized and clutter-free environments. The study followed the physical health of 998 participants and concluded that those who kept their houses spotless were healthier and more active than those who did not. The same reasoning can be applied to your car.

A Clean Car Boosts Your Resale Value

Let’s face it. Dirt, grime, sand, salt, insects and pollution can damage the exterior and interior of cars.  Paintwork, upholstery and mechanical parts are negatively affected by the harsh elements. You can improve the resale value of your car by keeping it sparkling and looking immaculate. Auto experts at Kelly Blue Book suggest a car that is clean and well-maintained is valued $1500 higher over those that are just in good condition.

A Clean Car Saves You Money

Believe it or not, a clean car consumes less fuel, which helps you save money. If you’re driving a clean vehicle, you will get an extra 2 miles per gallon compared to a dirty one. Dirty particles create extra drag that reduces fuel economy by 10% according to MythBusters.

A Clean Car Keeps You Safe

Being on the road means that you must be visible to others and should be able to spot fellow motorists and obstacles. When your windshield and mirrors are spotless, you can see objects and obstructions without a problem. Other drivers will also be able to see you on the road when your lights are visible, making it safe for everyone sharing the road.

Women who make the effort of cleaning their cars’ interiors and exteriors benefit from a variety of advantages. Whether you choose to hand wash your ride at home or use the services of professional washers, there is no doubt that a clean car is not only good for your psyche, but also for your pockets, safety and health.

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