“Should I buy winter tires?” is one of the most common questions I hear at this time of year. I’d like to respond with another question…

Would you wear sandals in a snow storm? Probably not. Brrrrr! For the same reason, you shouldn’t wear summer tires in winter (unless you live in a city with a super warm climate year round).

For those of us who experience the blistery snow and icy conditions, you understand the treacherous driving conditions it creates

Winter tires could make a massive impact on your safety. Here are four signs you need to buy winter tires right now (#3 is crucial!).

1. You can’t go outside without three layers.

Let the climate be our guide. If the temperature is below 40 at all times, you should totally buy winter tires. Otherwise, you probably don’t need them. (I’m talking to you, Florida and California!)

2. Blizzards are a common event in your hometown.

All season tires are not equipped for snowy conditions. Winter tires are built with this challenge in mind. As soon as you buy new winter tires, your odds of getting stuck in the snow will plummet.

3. Your tires have put in four or more years of service.

Tires need to be replaced every 30,000-50,000 miles. That isn’t a strict rule — it depends on your driving habits and other circumstances — but it’s still a good guideline to follow. If you’re like most people, you’ll need to buy tires in 3-4 years.

4. You’ve spun out, got stranded, or wrecked in winter.

History repeats itself. Cars are the second most expensive thing money can buy. If you care about your investment, you need to minimize the risk of incidents that will have a bad impact on its value. Buying winter tires is the absolute best way to do that!

Are any of these signs are true for you? If so, it would be smart to buy winter tires!

Winter tires are available at most auto repair shops and chain stores. Want to do some research first? I don’t blame you. Tire Rack has a great FAQ that answers the most common questions about winter tires. Below, I will summarize the two key points.

“Do I have to buy four winter tires, or will I be fine with two?”

If you wore a high heel on one foot and a sneaker on the other, how would that affect your ability to walk? You’d look like a drunk!

Unless you want to trip and fall, you need to wear the same shoe on both feet. Tires are the same way. Your car’s handling and coordination won’t be any good with mismatched tires.

“Is it okay to use winter tires after the temperature warms up?”

You could… but it wouldn’t be smart, since winter tires wear out REALLY fast in the heat. That’s because they are made for cold conditions.

It would be better to swap in a set of summer or all season tires. Buying two sets of tires costs more money in the short-term, but you’ll save money in the long-run.

Would you wear fuzzy boots to the beach? No. You’d wear flip-flops! It’s the exact same concept. Buy winter tires, because they’re an investment in the safety and longevity of your automobile!

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