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Audra Fordin is the author of End Auto Anxiety, CEO of Women Auto Know, and owner/operator of Great Bear Auto Repair in Flushing, NY.

When she isn’t busy writing or fixing cars, Audra loves to speak about her experience as a woman who found success in a male-dominated industry.

Audra took over her family’s auto business during the Great Recession of 2008. She remembers driving past her customers’ homes on the way to work and seeing their cars parked in the driveway.

This was a sign of incoming trouble. A lot of folks lost their jobs and couldn’t afford to maintain their vehicles. After a few sleepless nights, Audra became possessed by an idea that saved her business from disaster.

Audra hosted her first Women Auto Know workshop in 2009. She collected donations from participants and area businesses, which were used to provide single moms with free repairs. Since then, Great Bear’s revenue has quadrupled.

Audra writes a column for Ratchet+Wrench, an industry magazine that is syndicated to more than 100,000 auto repair shops nationwide. 

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  • 2013 Small Business Achievement Award Women Owned Business
  • 2013 American Heart Association Honoree
  • 2012 and 2013 Best of Queens Award

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If you’re interested in educating women about auto, an exclusive interview opportunity with Audra Fordin will help you get there.

As a licensed/certified technician and auto business owner, Audra understands there are over 106 million female drivers on the road looking to save money and get their vehicle to go that extra mile.

If you want to schedule Audra for an interview in your blog, magazine, podcast, or TV show, please complete the form on the below. If you’d like to bring one of Audra’s fun and informative Women Auto Know workshops to your hometown, click here to let us know.


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